The first season of CW’s Stargirl has finished, and viewers are waiting for the second season to pick up. Viewers aren’t the only ones looking forward to a new season, however. Pretty much everyone involved in creating the television series is also excited. Season 1 left everyone waiting for more special effects, stunts, and interesting characters. Additionally, the season closed with the adults of the Justice Society of America under the mind control of the Injustice Society’s sinister machine.

Development of Characters

Those viewers who are familiar with Stargirl have come to know a lot about Courtney Whitmore (played by Brec Bassinger), the alter ego of Stargirl, the show’s main character, and the young heroes she has recruited to fill the JSA. These include Wildcat II (played by Yvette Monreal), Doctor Mid-Nite II (play by Anjelika Washington), and Hourman II (played by Cameron Gellman). These characters from the first season form a team of individuals who aren’t quite used to working together. Although the first season has wrapped up, the actors are preparing for the second season with a lot of the same excitement and anticipation that viewers are feeling.

Between Seasons

How are the Stargirl cast members preparing for Season 2? In a ComicCon Cast & Producer Interview with Bassinger, Monreal, Washington, Gellman, and Geoff Johns, the executive producer, cast members revealed how they were spending their time between seasons and while staying socially distanced from others.

A couple of the cast members spent time hiking and working out to maintain their physical well-being and fitness for Season 2. Naturally, some of their time was spent inside where some cast members experimented with houseplants and another tried out her cooking skills. This fun glimpse into the cast members’ lives was sure to resonate with viewers who may have done some of the same activities.

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Heading Into Season 2

What can viewers expect from the second season? There are sure to be more episodes filled with relationship struggles and teenage drama, but the actors who bring the characters to life have provided some hints for second season excitement. These include more stunts and exciting fight scenes, as well as interactions with major villains. The newly introduced Shiv will play a big role in the direction of the new season. Other villains to appear in the second round of episodes include Calypso and a frightening Solomon Grundy.

Waiting With Bated Breath

Stargirl viewers may have a bit of a wait before episodes pick up again, but the second season is sure to be worth that wait. Hopefully, the suspenseful cliffhanger that captured viewers’ interest at the end of Season 1’s last episode will see some resolution within the first new episodes.