The Definition Of Intrinsic Motivation

by TeachThought Employees

A good working definition of intrinsic motivation is “motivation that stems instantly from an motion relatively than a reward.”

Lecturers usually consider the concept of motivation when it comes to pupil engagement however as Dr. Richard Ryan and Edward Deci clarify beneath, it’s just a little extra nuance than that. From extra their e book, “Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations: Traditional Definitions & New Instructions”:

“Intrinsic motivation is outlined because the doing of an exercise for its inherent satisfaction relatively than for some separable consequence.

When intrinsically motivated, an individual is moved to behave for the enjoyable or problem entailed relatively than due to exterior merchandise, pressures, or rewards….In Self-Willpower Concept, we distinguish between various kinds of motivation primarily based on the totally different motive or objectives that give rise to an motion. Probably the most fundamental distinction is between intrinsic motivation, which refers to doing one thing as a result of it’s inherently fascinating or satisfying, and extrinsic motivation, which refers to doing one thing as a result of it results in a separable end result. Extrinsic motivation thus contrasts with intrinsic motivation, which refers to doing an exercise merely for the enjoyment of the exercise itself, relatively than its instrumental worth.”

Put one other manner, if a pupil research for a take a look at to make a qualifying grade to play for the basketball group, that might be an instance of extrinsic motivation. One other instance? Learning to ‘get good grades.’ And as you in all probability know by now, its polar reverse, intrinsic motivation, is the extra highly effective of the 2, although not essentially extra widespread.

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Within the following video, Daniel Pink explores the unimaginable affect of intrinsic motivation on efficiency, innovation, and the best way we study. Whereas he frames the concept round ‘enterprise,’ he’s clearly discussing studying and efficiency, which is floor zero for educators.

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