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Google Digital Garage is the largest web institution, with 156 top-quality online courses in various fields of digital marketing. The length of the courses ranges from two credit hours to 20 or more hours, with online testing at the end. The course’s difficulty level depends entirely on whether you are a beginner, midlevel, or expert.

You can explore much different learning content to assist your enterprise or career free of cost. You might learn by choosing appropriate modules or diving straight in and taking an entire curriculum from beginning to end. Few courses are free, and paid content is also available.

Google’s leading digital marketing coursework and certifications are freely available on its teaching portals, skill shop, and Google Digital Unlocked. Individuals can register in these pieces of training and connect directly to the guides and virtual classrooms by enrolling online. 

The digital marketing courses will assist you in applying what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-world business situations. Few studies are explained below in terms of curriculum and course credentials;

Advance Google Analytics:

You might well discover how information can collect and transformed into comprehensible statistics. Start understanding how or when to gather information specifically about business using settings such as Custom Dimensions, Custom Benchmarks, and Event Tracking data. 

Since this is an advanced course, individuals will understand more innovative analytic methods, such as segmentation, channel reports, viewership findings, and marketing campaigns. Video tutorials and unlimited access to the course with end- assessment tests make tests more accredited. 

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Course Content:

  • Unit one with five topics of Data Collection and Processing.
  • Unit two with six topics of Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration.
  • Unit three with four topics of Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques.
  • Unit four with three topics of Advanced Marketing Tools.

Online Advertising to Promote a Business:

You can learn how to develop a business strategy in this course. Learners will also seek to target the best audience using the underlying principles of e-mail marketing and video and display advertisements.

Course Credential:

No. of modules: 5

Course duration: 3 hours

Learning level: Beginner

Course Content:

  • Creating display ads achieves your objectives
  • The fundamentals of email marketing
  • Organizing profitable email campaigns
  • Effective institutional vs. search engine marketing
  • An Overview of Search Engine Marketing
  • Utilize your keywords to the fullest extent possible.

3) Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

A Google-free course teaches you the essentials of digital marketing. The Open University and the Communication and Multimedia Bureau of Europe will approve it. There seem to be 26 modules to pursue, all provided by Google instructors and jam-packed with practical activities to ensure consistency to help you build your data into actionable information.

Course Credentials:

  • Units in this curriculum: 26
  • 40-hour total time
  • Beginner Level 

Course Content:

  • Expanding your digital presence
  • Intensifying your visibility online
  • Online sites and your corporate objectives
  • The Advantages of an Online Strategic approach
  • Recognizing client conduct
  • SEO and SEM tactics
  • Marketing intelligence and social media
  • Analytics for the web

Final Words:

Google free digital marketing courses help meet first-class business conditions. These courses help to understand the customers’ needs and build self-confidence. We have compiled some of the free Google-certified online digital marketing courses given above for your convenience.