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As a student, you need to keep everything in check to excel. The saying usually goes like smartphones/laptops are a distraction for students. But there are plenty of apps under the roof to help students study and track their productivity.

If you are on the lookout for top Apps for students, check our list to help you stay focused, organized and track your productivity. So, let’s get started.


As a student, you need to create your notes, organize them, and manage your time for other tasks. It is where EverNote plays its role by taking notes for you in the form of texts, drawings, pics, web content, or audio recordings. 

Once noted, these notes will be compiled and organized with labels. You can also export them to other devices. Moreover, you can manage your messages with tasks, due dates, and reminders. However, its free version has limited usage.


Motion is a top free app to monitor your focus. This app will block distracting sites like FaceBook, Instagram, and others to maintain your focus and productivity. 

You can customize which sites you want to block for specific times and days. This app also provides reports to monitor your time spent on the web.

Oxford English Dictionary

Gone is when you needed a heavy dictionary with you all the time. With Oxford English Dictionary App, you can access more than 35000 words, meanings, references, word phrases, and much more. You can also access the pronunciation of difficult words, and the app spells it out for you. Moreover, you get daily notifications of new words to expand your vocabulary.

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Google Drive

This app is one of the top solutions to save and store their documents on the cloud. Once saved, you can access them from any browser and smartphone. The best part is you don’t need to protect your work manually, as it holds it every other second. Moreover, Google Drive keeps your documents safe even if your computer crashes. You can also share it with your friends easily. Save your files to offline mode to work on them on the go.


Are you struggling with maths problems? Get Mathway for understanding how to solve your maths equations. You can type or upload a picture of your equations, and the rest is taken care of by Mathway. It teaches you step-by-step solutions to your problem.


For students who like to keep track of their work, Todoist is the go-to app. Todoist combines all your tasks, projects, attachments and lets you stay focused on your list. This way, it tracks your productivity by organizing your to-do lists. It is a cloud-based task management app, so all your tasks are synced to any device you are using. 


RefMe is a fantastic app for students to obtain references and citations for their assignments. It is one of the top apps and a must-have for students who need to back up their projects with research, statistics, quotations, bibliographies, etc. You can easily download and share your references on EverNote or by mail.

Google Calendar

The last top app on our list is Google Calendar. The simple, practical, and most commonly app helps you stay organized and track all your important dates and events. You can easily set up deadlines, notes, alarms across your calendar to notify you before the events to keep you ahead of your peers.

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To say these apps are best for students would be an understatement. These top apps keep them focused, organized, and track their activities. Moreover, they help them with their studies and assignments too. Make sure to have these fantastic top apps for students to excel in your student life.