50 Examples Of Analogies For Important Considering

by Terry Heick

In our information to instructing with analogies, we supplied concepts, definitions, classes, and examples of analogies.

This publish is a extra particular model of that article the place we focus particularly on varieties and examples of analogies quite than taking a look at instructing with analogies extra broadly. Beneath, we provide greater than 20 several types of analogies and examples of sort of analogy as properly–which leads to almost 100 examples of analogies total.

Word that as a result of an analogy is solely a sample established by the character of a relationship between two ‘issues,’ there are an infinite variety of sorts of analogies. You could possibly, for instance, arrange an analogy by pairing two objects solely loosely linked–brick and street, for instance: a brick is to a street as…

After all, analogies are greatest solved by making a sentence that precisely captures the ‘truest and greatest’ essence of the connection of the primary two gadgets within the analogy. So within the above brick/street instance, you would possibly say that ‘bricks was used to create roads,’ at which level all types of prospects emerge: Bricks was used to create roads as glass was used to create bottles, yielding the analogy:

Bricks : Highway :: Glass : Bottle

You could possibly additionally use this in a particular content material space–Social Research, for instance:

Bricks : Highway :: Pamphlets : Propoganda

Language Arts?

Bricks : Roads :: Couplets : Sonnets? Perhaps, however this leaves out the essential ‘was…’ bit.

You get the thought. By forcing college students to distill one relationship with the intention to perceive one other, it’s nearly not possible to precisely resolve analogies with out a minimum of some form of understanding–except you utilize a number of selection, during which case a fortunate guess may do the trick.

Now, that’s a purposely far-fetched instance. In most instructing and studying circumstances like programs and school rooms, analogies are utilized in frequent types which might be kind of apparent: half to complete, trigger and impact, synonym and antonym, and so on. This makes them much less subjective and artistic and simpler to attain on a multiple-choice query and might cut back the subjectivity of really nailing down the unsure relationship between ‘bricks’ and ‘roads.’ It turns into a lot simpler once you use one thing with a extra clear relationship, like ‘sapling is to tree as zygote is to…’

After all, this misses the genius of analogies: asking college students to see–and generally even create–the connection between issues quite than ‘selecting’ the ‘sort’ of analogy. Analogies are good instructing and studying instruments that we use the entire time in on a regular basis life to elucidate one thing by explaining one thing else.

(If you happen to’d prefer to learn extra about this concept, I mentioned it in some in ‘Why Questions Are Extra Necessary Than Solutions.’) And it’s at this level that it seems like exploring find out how to use analogies for essential pondering is perhaps extra fascinating than merely providing kinds of analogies, however for the sake of packaging and time, I’ll end this publish and re-address the ‘analogies for essential pondering’ bit later.

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Why Analogies Are Useful For Studying

Within the information to instructing with analogies proven above, I defined that, “Educational analogies are helpful for instructing and studying as a result of they require college students to investigate a factor (or issues), after which switch that evaluation that evaluation to a different factor. This sort of switch requires a minimum of some form of conceptual grasp–understanding.”

I went on to supply that “This makes them helpful for evaluation, however they can be used as an efficient studying technique as properly. As college students create incorrect analogies, analyze the relationships their analogies are suggesting, after which appropriate them accordingly, college students are grappling with concepts, monitoring and revising their pondering, and in any other case actively take into account the usually complicated relationships between disparate issues.”

In reality, we’ve begun utilizing analogies in our TeachThought College programs. They’re genius little instruments to each trigger and measure understanding. And whereas there are some frequent kinds of analogies that you just (and college students) will see mostly, (antonyms, classes, half to complete, trigger and impact, and so on.), the reality is that except two objects or concepts characterize a wholly distinctive circumstance that doesn’t exist wherever else within the universe, there ought to at all times be an identical pairing or counterpart someplace.

Put one other method, there are almost an infinite variety of analogies and an uncountable variety of kinds of analogies. Take into account the next:

Father : Pops :: Henry VIII : ______?

Tissue: Kleenex :: ______ : ______?

You could possibly name these ‘slang’ analogies however the latter isn’t actually slang. You could possibly say additionally name them ‘extra generally often known as’ analogies and even synonyms however that’s completely the essence of the connection both. It is a distinctive relationship–as so many are. You get the purpose: That there are an not possible variety of issues and relationships so there aren’t a set variety of ‘kinds of analogies.’

The query for you, as a trainer, is that are essentially the most useful so that you can trigger and measure understanding with college students? So for now, we’ve included the most typical kinds of analogies after which added in some much less frequent however nonetheless helpful kinds of analogies. We’ve tried to make some easy and a few extra complicated simply to exhibit the vary and worth of analogies in essential pondering.

Some, I’ve added commentary to. Others, I simply included the examples. The overall sample I’ve used is to start out with a easy instance after which create a extra complicated analogy.

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Word, there could also be some disagreement about a number of the ‘solutions’ right here–both from you as a reader or your college students. That’s good! In case your college students are arguing that democracies aren’t really the ‘reverse’ of a dictatorship, which means they seemingly a minimum of vaguely grasp every and arguing in regards to the similarities and variations!

What extra are you able to ask for in introducing or reviewing content material?

50+ Examples Of Analogies For Important Considering

1. Synonym Analogies

Humorous : Humorous :: Hardworking : Diligent

Lead : Information :: Drawing : Illustration

Mother : Mom :: Canine : _______

Newbie : Novice :: Regulation : ______

2. Antonym Analogies

Evening : Day :: Proper : Left

Moist : Dry : Scorching : Chilly

Open: Closed :: Free : ______

Empiricism : ______ :: Small : Large

three. Half/Entire Analogies

Electron: Molecule :: Nation : Continent

Toe : Foot :: Finger : Hand

Stars : Galaxy :: Molecules : Object

Knowledge : Scientific Course of :: Thesis Assertion : ______

four. Trigger/Impact Analogies

Spin : Dizzy :: Bounce : Elevate

Honesty: Belief :: Gentle : Plant Development

Itch : Scratch :: Virus : Chilly

Learn : Study :: Attempt : Enhance

Rise of Social Messaging : Demise of E mail :: __________: French Revolution

Writing Course of : Concept Group :: Eye Contact : ______

5. Factor/Operate Analogies

Broom : Sweep :: Paintbrush : Paint

Freezer: Freeze :: Paper Towel : Wipe

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” : Civil Rights :: ________ : LBGTQ rights

Gravity : Pull :: Battle : ______

6. Factor/Attribute Analogies

Democracy : Equality :: Monarchy : One Ruler

Water : Moist :: Concrete : Onerous

Mountain : Tall :: Desert : Dry

Sugar : Candy :: Cheetah : Quick

Water : Moist :: Circles : ______

Wall : Bricks :: Sonnet : Strains

Mountain : Tall :: Globalization : _____

7. Factor/Context Analogies (just like Half/Entire and different classes of analogies)

Cello : Symphony :: Creek : Forest

Aircraft : Hangar :: Surfboard : Seashore

Discipline : Farm :: Viewers : Area

Battle : Story :: Emoji : Texting

eight. Instance/Kind Analogies

Orange : Fruit :: Hydrogen : Aspect

Kangaroo : Marsupial : Canine :: Mammal

Ford Mustang : Muscle Automotive :: Subaru BRZ : Sports activities Automotive

Deontology : Ethics: Cubism : Artwork

______ : Immigration Coverage :: iPhone : Smartphone

9. Class/Subcategory Analogies

Phylum : Kingdom :: Aisle : Division

Sonnet: Petrarchan Sonnet :: Rose : Crimson Rose

Form : Quadrilateral :: _______ : Orbit

10. Object/Classification Analogies

Bowl : Dish :: Sword : Weapon

Cat : Feline :: Canine : Canine

Porsche 911 : Sports activities Automotive :: Alligator : Reptile

Rain : Precipitation :: ______ : Rhyme Scheme

12. Truth/Opinion Analogies

Moist : Soaked :: 7 Seconds : Quick

6? four? : Tall :: Awake : Sensible

It’s 93 levels : It’s Scorching :: ________ :


13. Step/Course of Analogies

Evaporation : Water Cycle :: ______ : Evolution

Check Concept : Scientific Course of :: Stir : Make Chocolate Milk

Revision : Writing Course of :: ______ :

______ : Sentence Diagramming

14. Drawback/Resolution Analogies

Tape : Paper Tear :: Knee Scrape : Bandaid

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Alliteracy : Habits :: Lack of Cardiovascular Endurance : Lack of Train

Local weather Change : Cut back Greenhouse Gases :: ________ : Poverty

15. Image/Referent Analogies

Peace Signal : Hippies :: Crimson Cross: Medical Skilled

To make that a bit extra complicated, take into account Peace Signal : Vietnam :: _____ : ______ the place it might be seen that quite simply “The Peace Signal characterised Hippies as…” you rather than “The Peace Signal was seen as a counter-symbol to Vietnam as…”, and so forth. The next instance is equally complicated:

Guillotine: French Revolution :: Faulkner’s use of setting in A Rose for Emily : ________

To reply that, you’d need to know whether or not or not it was generally thought of for the guillotine to ‘characterize’ the Contemporary Revolution after which additional, precisely how Faulkner used setting in ‘A Rose for Emily.’

16. Producer/Product Analogies

Sheep : Wool :: Milk : Cow

As with others, the primary analogy is straightforward:

Cow : Milk :: Beehive : Honey

The second units up at easy (Producer/Product) however the second half asks the coed to suppose (and know) extra:

Cow: Milk :: Industrialism : _____

Clearly, these will be subjective however should you use this to your benefit (in a debate or dialogue, or by asking the coed to defend their selections, for instance) that’s a very good factor. You may also use a multiple-choice format to cut back a few of this subjectivity should you want thinks good and tidy in a lesson or evaluation.

17. Noun/Adjective Analogies

Lemon : Yellow :: Snow : White

Flamingo : Pink :: Rhinocerus : Gray

Cardinal : Crimson :: Irony : ______

18. Process/Subtask Analogies

Kick : Soccer :: Dribble : Basketball

Plan : Prioritize :: Lead : Talk

Drive : Steer :: Stay : Breathe

19. Sorts Of Measurement Analogies

Vegetable Harvest : Bushels :: Liquid : Gallon

Geometric Form : Levels :: Marine Distance : Nautical Miles

Metropolis : Blocks :: Farms : Acres

20. End the Set or Sequence Analogies

Salt : Pepper :: Peas : Carrots

2 : eight :: 5 : 20

21. Power & Weak point Analogies

Lighthouse : Brightness :: Flashlight : Portability

Considerable Provide : Photo voltaic Power :: Low Price : Coal

Potential Income : Capitalism :: ______ : Synthetic Intelligence

Plastic : Air pollution :: Greed : ______

22. Spatial Relationship (e.g., Geography) Analogies

South America : North America :: Eire : ______

Flooring : Ceiling :: Conclusion : Introduction

Peanut Butter : Bread :: Chapters : Ebook Covers

23. Growing or Reducing Depth Analogies

Cool : Chilly :: Heat : Scorching

Aggressive : Fierce :: Amused : Elated

Instability : Turmoil :: Change : Revolution

Pace of Sound : Pace of Gentle :: ______ : Gammar Ray Bursts

24. Factor/Group Analogies (just like Half/Entire Analogies)

Fish : College :: Lion : Delight

Flock : Birds :: Pack : Wolves

Individuals : Neighborhood :: Tree : Forest

25. Rhyme Analogies

Bounce : Bump :: Wire : Fireplace

Ship : Blip :: Cease : Lop