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In today’s post we are sharing with you 4 ways to help you convert your handwritten notes into digitized editable text. Students can use them to convert the handwritten notes they take in class into digital text to include into the projects they work on online.

This is definitely my favourite in this list. Google Lens offers a wide variety of cool features that allow you to bring to life the world around you. One of these features is the ability to digitize printed or handwritten text. To do so simply point the camera of your phone at the text, select it then click on copy. Watch this video to learn more.
Microsoft Lens includes an OCR feature that automatically recognizes printed and handwritten text in images. Once digitized you can edit your text and save it to Word or PowerPoint, among other things. Watch this video to learn more about Microsoft Lens. For more on Microsoft educational tools, see this post.

3- Google Docs and Google Drive

This hack, that MakeUseOf covered in this excellent post, helps you turn handwritten text into editable text. The process is simple and easy: scan your notes and convert them to PDF (Scanner app is a great app to use in this regard), upload the PDF to your Google Drive. Once uploaded, right-click on the PDF and choose Open with Google Docs.

4- OneNote

OneNote, as I learned from MakeUseOf, has this built-in OCR feature that lets you easily convert scanned text from an image into editable text. Here is how to do it: upload the image into OneNote, right click on it and select copy text from picture.