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With retail arbitrage, especially with using Amazon as the marketplace to sell the goods for a profit, continuing to grow, there would always be support software that would come out and support this. 

One of these types of support software is Tactical Arbitrage. It was built out of a necessity for speed when it came to retail online arbitrage, which could be quite painstaking to start comparing a few sites at a time with Amazon pricing. There needed to be a faster way to score hundreds of different websites with varying product sets, all to be able to find a lower price online and eventually sell it on Amazon for a lower cost. 

How it works

Tactical arbitrage is a subscription-based service that gives access to a data tool that helps compare around 1000 online retail sites and check available pricing of items compared to what Amazon sells them for. Of course, it also helps to do the reverse and search what Amazon is offering compared to what the other stores are selling, which helps to provide the necessary insight. Speaking of insight, Tactical Arbitrage reviews multiple data points, primarily related to profitability, comparison of Buy Box competitors, and, eventually, the optimal price point for the items trying to be sold. 

There’s also the opportunity to do Wholesale research for higher-level subscriptions. This need came from the demand of being able to scan wholesale manifests at a higher speed and finding optimal products that would work well when selling on Amazon. This is also a way to rapidly scan long lists of ASINs and provide relevant information such as UPC lists, pricing for packaging, and other features to handle larger volumes of data. 

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How to profit

The only fee with Tactical Arbitrage is the subscription fee. Keep in mind that the fee can approach nearly $100 per month, depending on how advanced a tier is necessary for the retail arbitrage one wishes to do. With that in mind, there are no additional fees from Tactical Arbitrage (except for some heavy-duty scanning needs, which aren’t very high). However, that also means that the subscription fees need to be factored in regarding the overall cost of the item(s) trying to be sold via Amazon. 

While the wealth of data from Tactical Arbitrage will help to find the right gap between the cost of goods versus the profit, it’s critical to understand what those costs of goods can be beyond purchasing them. 

For example, there’s a slew of Amazon fees, especially Amazon FBA fees, that can start to increase with items that end up being stored long-term, on top of the shipping costs per item. These need to be considered with this additional subscription fee, and Tactical Arbitrage should be able to still help price it accordingly and net that profit for those doing retail arbitrage. 

Keep in mind that the best method to end up selling on Amazon is to find an item that already exists (so a new one doesn’t have to be built) and also to win that buy box (usually to have the lowest price)