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Just like any other type of digital marketing, ads play an important role in brand exposure as well as reaching out to a far wider audience. All you need to do is grow your ad revenue. One must never underestimate the power of ads in bringing traffic towards your business.

Brand promotion doesn’t only mean collaborating with influencers, posting about your business to friends and family groups on social media. To reach as many people outside of your inner circle as possible you need brand advertisement on all kinds of platforms.

Following is the list of pay per click platforms:


We all know that the majority of people love searching on google and not only that but they also like to buy products. The reason is that Google is extremely user-friendly. One word will show the searchers dozens of different related items that are shoppable. All these ads that appear on the Google search engine are called Google Ads.

Google ads aren’t beneficial for individuals only but for ecommerce businesses as well. First, the merchants must upload their products on Google Merchant Center. Then they must link their Google Ads account and the Google Merchant Center which will create an advertising campaign for their products. (Loading there will allow the buyers to go through the products in stock).

The final step is the monthly budget determined by the merchants. They will have to pay when searchers will click while going through their sites or view stocks.

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Facebook Shopping Campaigns are also called Dynamic Product Ads. And are identical to Google Shopping Ads. For example, both automatically show product details and photos from the merchants’ stock catalog instead of merchants having to make a new ad manually for every item of inventory.

Moreover, to reach a broad audience, merchants must set a Facebook pixel on their site. Also, for reporting the product IDs from a catalog for the items being viewed, added to the shopping cart, or bought by customers, merchants need to use standard events.


Just like Facebook and Google Ads, Instagram shopping ads include a catalog to strengthen the store’s Instagram shop. Instagram is customers’ all-time favorite when it comes to purchasing, as one can purchase any product through the app directly. Advertisers use rod tags to show the item’s complete details and description along with product photos.


Each time on the achievement of the marketing objective of an ad, Twitter ads charge the advertisers. Merchants are in control of how much they want to spend. They may set a budget during campaigns.

Twitter ads offer an auction system similar to Facebook and Google Ads, where advertisers bid for the ad spot for each audience which they wish to see. To run Twitter ads, there is no minimum amount required, and the merchants may spend or may not spend on the campaigns. The price paid by merchants to run the ads depends on:

  • The ad engagement
  • The audience size
  • How many advertisers are targeting the audience?
  • Bid price
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Apart from the above-mentioned names, there are other pay-per-click platforms as well as, TikTok and YouTube, etc. You may choose the platform according to your comfort and what’s best for your business. However, it is essential to know the significance of pay-per-click ads. They bring in a broad audience towards the brands and businesses.