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Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a lucrative business plan; it is no easy money. To drive more leads and sales, successful businesses carefully plan their strategy to make content by detailed research and optimization with the help of proper tools.

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, use the right tools to help you share your burden with proper research and reach your audience. We have eased your task of finding the right tools by enlisting the best tools for affiliate marketing in this post. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Google Analytics

One of the best and most comprehensive tools to sketch your marketing roadmap is Google Analytics. It helps marketers evaluate traffic, their activities and interactions, time duration, and the pages that get more visits. Moreover, affiliate marketers can split test, track links, conversions, SEO, and other crucial insights to update their strategies.


For affiliate marketers who don’t want to start from scratch, Flippa is their go-to choice. It is a marketplace where websites are available for sale with DA scores where marketing can be started right away.

Furthermore, you may also purchase a website with backlinks. However, there is a catch; you may need to do a proper backlink audit to ensure link-building quality.

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Clickbank For Affiliate Market Place

ClickBank is a well-known affiliate marketplace globally for its reliable payout history. With Clickbank, affiliate marketers get a chance to grow, scale and reach new customers. Moreover, you can take courses to learn to make money online. Lastly, the platform is highly reliable for its reputation of never missing any payments over the twenty years.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Are you using WordPress to sell your products on Amazon and tired of constantly updating the prices? Try Amazon Affiliate WordPress PlugIn. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about changing prices and updates anymore. It automatically refreshes the updates where the affiliate links are generated. 

Semrush For Competitor Analysis

No matter how experienced you are, you always need to analyze your competitor’s strategies to outwit them. It is where SEMRush will come to your rescue. It will help you do your keyword research give insights into your competitor’s campaigns, backlinks, SEO metrics, and relevant trends and patterns required for successful affiliate marketing.

Unbounce For Landing Pages

One of the best landing page builders used by affiliate marketers, with excellent lead generation tools and no coding skills required, is Unbounce. It features templates of trendy landing pages to save you time and headache. Moreover, you can A/B test these pages to optimize them according to your requirements.

Mobile Monkey For Chatbox

Mobile Monkey allows affiliate marketers to constantly keep in touch with their customers with live chatboxes across multiple platforms. This instant communication is crucial in generating leads, offering real-time support, and growing revenue.

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Voluum For Ad Tracking

Affiliate marketers use Voluum to track their ads campaigns to analyze data for insights and optimize the performance of their ads. The built-in templates work with almost all the platforms and support different formats such as native ads, pop-up ads, display banners, social media ads, etc.

Affjet For Network Performing Analysis

AffJet is a network performing analysis tool where marketers can analyze their earnings from different channels on one dashboard. With a straightforward setup, you can bring all your progress in one place, filter the critical data, track the links and opportunities, and boost commissions.

Pretty Links For Link Cloaking

Pretty Links can solve the dilemma of extensive ugly links in affiliate marketing by shortening the links and cloaking them into manageable and clean links. This way, you can share these links on social media and email campaigns and redirect the audience to relevant site content.


To conclude it all, these affiliate marketing tools help design, launch, and manage different tasks required. Moreover, these tools also track performance and revenue generated. Therefore, don’t forget to use these top best tools for your affiliate marketing campaign.