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Android TV has been around for a few years and is steadily evolving as a platform. It now has more applications and games than ever. There may be more gear available, but we expect it to arrive shortly.

Check out our top Android TV applications for the greatest experience if you own an Android TV device! Most Android TV applications include a Chromecast. So any Chromecast-compatible app can be used on most Android TVs!

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For Android TV users, Kodi is an amazing app. Controls all of your music and video material on your home theatre PC (HTPC) (via USB drive). It’s also possible to broadcast videos. However, certain channels aren’t truly permitted. 

It’s a terrific area to handle a lot of things that you can’t do via your TV or that you can do but aren’t happy with. If you have local music and video that you wish to play on Android TV, this is our first choice. In addition to the fact that it’s free and open-source,


Plex was one of the first applications for Android TV that allowed users to stream content from their computers. It’s still one of the greatest out there, in my opinion. Its primary use is to stream videos from a computer or mobile device to a television. 

It’s also compatible with various other file kinds, including music and images. The programme also supports streaming from online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You may enhance your experience even more with the addition of other plugins. For example, Crackle and Plex have teamed up to allow users to watch ad-supported (but otherwise free) movies and TV series over the service.

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Total Commander:

One of the greatest Android file managers, Total Commander is also the best option for Android TV right now. The app can do almost anything you need it to do, from browsing files to sideloading programmes to managing your data. 

It has a built-in media player that can handle both audio and video files to make things even more convenient, so if you want to view any local content, you can do it all at once. As a result, it may also connect to FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/LAN servers for networking. In addition, Android TV UI has a dual-panel layout for easy administration. However, X-plore is a good alternative.


Compared to other Android TV applications, TVUsage is a relatively young one. Features for digital well-being are added to Android TV with this update. Useful metrics are available, including daily and weekly use patterns. In addition, there are a few more characteristics. 

Some examples include setting daily screen time limits and receiving notifications when it is time to turn off the TV. Additional features include the ability to pin lock any Android TV app (ideal for parents with children), omit applications if you want to monitor use and more. It’s a new product, so it’s likely to have some flaws, but it performed well in our tests.

VLC for Android:

One of the best Android video players, VLC, is solid and trustworthy. It’s also great on Android TV. Almost all local video material may be seen. The software can also play audio files, but the UI isn’t set up for it, and it may not be the most user-friendly experience possible.

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There are several features in the app, including an audio adjuster, subtitle support, and more. It’s not fantastic for music, but there aren’t any outstanding music players. Thus VLC is our first recommendation for playing local music.