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Are you looking for low investment business ideas with high profit? Don’t worry anymore. Gone are days when one must face hardships like startup costs, buying inventory, warehouse, etc. 

With our list of low investment business ideas, you can get high profits by bringing forth solid ideas, working on your brand’s marketing, and providing excellent customer support. So, keep reading.


Dropshipping is an easy, low investment business idea with high profit. Also, with dropshipping, you don’t need to buy the stock or deal with its storing, packing, or shipping. Here, you work as a third party along with a supplier. 

Your supplier deals with managing the products and supplying to the customers. Your job is to market the product to reach your target audience and convert them into potential buyers. You earn through the commission already decided between you and your supplier. 

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular low-budget business ideas generating high profits is affiliate marketing. Here you earn commissions on promoting and selling other people’s products.

Affiliates hook the target audience on their social media accounts, websites, and blogs. They promote products by telling their audience why the product is best for them, eventually leaving them to buy it through their provided link. Every product purchased from the link earns a commission to your pocket.

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Sell a service

One of the lucrative ways to earn bucks is to learn a skill and sell it. This digital era belongs to skilled people to conquer the world. However, understanding the skill in demand is a must. You can learn content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, web designing, and much more.

Here, your inventory is your time and skill. You go to the online marketplace, offer your service online, and get paid for it. 

Social Media Management Agency

This digital world brought everyone on the internet and made social media essential for business marketing. As a social media manager, your job is to create engaging content and promote content across different social media platforms and analyze its marketing

You are also responsible for managing every social media accounts, from making content, running ads, and responding to comments. It is a profitable business requiring little investment in tools. And you can charge per hour or project.

Build An Audience You Can Monetize

You might have seen different influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers on the internet. Their job is to build an audience by creating good content backed with research to hook their attention. 

If your content is highly engaging and authentic, your audience will turn to you for every problem. The main goal is to provide them value for their follow ship, resulting in multiple revenue streams. It is a low-budget business idea with high profits, but it requires patience and time.

Create Digital Products Or Online Courses

Another great way to earn money is to create digital products and sell them. With more people joining the online business, they need to learn the trends, ins-and-outs of the industry. For this purpose, they require online courses. Teaching them how to excel in the business gets you paid. 

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Moreover, you can also look for unique digital products but are high in demand. Making the best products like music, templates, high-resolution pictures and videos, can make people pay for your digital products.

Wrapping Up

These six low investment business ideas with high profit are best in making your fortune by remaining low on budget. They prove that you don’t need to have initial startup money. You only need talent and the right mindset to reach your goals.