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Owning a business is not an easy task. You need to focus on its growth almost all the time. You hardly have any time to relax. Therefore, the use of different marketing tools is very crucial. Repetitive or small tasks can eat your time and energy like nothing else.

To help marketers, many tools came into existence to help businesses’ growth. Marketing automation has become a need that you cannot ignore. Having the chance to increase brand awareness and getting small and repetitive tasks done automatically has made the life of marketers a bit easier than before.

However, to keep up with the tech era, you need to know the latest trends, which are:

Use of AI

There was a time when Artificial intelligence didn’t exist and many tasks were done by humans, no matter how difficult or time and energy-consuming they were. However, now AI dominates the world of business and tech. It has made many business tasks easier.

More and more businesses are realizing the advantages of AI, and they have started to rely on this technology for good. Today, among the other trends of marketing automation, the implementation of AI for several aspects of marketing is on the go. The use of AI for chatbots, automated campaigns, personalized email subjects, etc became a tradition.

Now, you can see the application of AI in influencer marketing content creation, PPC advertising, right influencer prediction for your business growth, and even gathering insights on comer’s behavior, etc. However, it is important to keep in mind that all of this doesn’t mean AI is a replacement for marketers. In fact, it is to help and facilitate marketers in decreasing the pressure and burden off of them.

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Chatbots are another way to improve customer experience. They are computer programs that have been constructed to execute textual and auditory conversations. Almost every other company has implemented chatbots on their side.

At first, chatbots were only able to handle standard user queries and had a fixed set of answers. However, the users are becoming uncomfortable with the automated responses. The rise in Machine learning and artificial intelligence has allowed the creation of sophisticated and improved chatbots. Such chatbots are interactive with the users since they can modify the answers based on the user’s behavior.


The audience is no longer attracted to the one-size-fits-all kind of stuff. Therefore, marketing strategy is no more efficient. Targeting different types of users needs a personalized approach. As many as 98% of marketers accept that customer relationships have improved due to personalization.

Personalized product recommendations and content has increased significantly. Therefore, it has become essential to monitor a user’s real-time behaviors. Thus the overall experience should be according to the preferences and likes.

Such high demands in personalization have invented what’s called hyper-personalization. This concept has taken over many aspects of marketing, from search results to banner ads. Now, data-driven AI platforms are designed to help you achieve this.

The rise of personalized demand means the marketing automation tools analyzing user behavior and interaction will increase too. The latest trends in making automation show the shift towards communication the users want to receive.


As a marketer, you must stay up-to-date with the coming developments in technology. For this, marketing automation trends will be helpful. Since you’re running your business in the present day, you should be aware of all the changes in the marketing niche. Moreover, using tools to help you in marketing is going to make things easy for you and your business.