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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can grow your business by uploading your feeds and stories to connect with your audience. The versatility and vibrant posts on this platform provide a treat to your visuals. However, it gets challenging to post daily to inspire your audience and engage with you.

So, how to do it? How do you take time daily to brainstorm the ideas and post engaging feeds and stories? Don’t worry if you feel stuck. Read our list of top apps for Instagram content planning to manage your Instagram while multitasking other areas of your business.


Looking for an all-in-one content planner for your Instagram? Whether you are using web, ios, or android, Planoly helps you plan your following stories effortlessly with its user-friendly interface. It comes in both free and paid versions for your personal and business accounts. It also features a content calendar that cleverly schedules your content, marks important dates, and colored notes to keep you organized. Moreover, you can also hold your post as drafts if they are incomplete.

With Planoly, you can also discover free stock images or Instagram pictures to post in your stories. This feature is perfect for uploading mood boards or aspirational style stories to your Instagram. Not to forget, carousel or video posts that you can upload with Planoly. 


Plan and present your content with a super simple app, Preview. It offers free and paid versions, helping you crop and edit your standard pictures, carousels, and videos. Moreover, you can schedule your posts, add hashtags, and view the analytics of your posts to gain insights about your feed.

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Also, you can add captions quickly with its readymade templates, ideas, and quotes available. It is a straightforward app with a user-friendly interface, where you don’t need directions. However, the app still provides free tutorials to help you navigate through it. 


If you are a beginner and want an easy-to-use social media content planner, it is Later. Here, you can plan your social media content, set the date and time, and leave the rest to Later to automatically publish it. Moreover, you can access content that resonates with your brand to post on your Instagram feed. 

Perfect for newbies and established content planners, this app provides insights into your content related to likes, views, and shares to help you grow your business.


Unum is the most basic yet creative app in Instagram content planners. It offers you a creative approach to your feed with filters and tools to edit your images effortlessly. You can access pre-made templates and edit them to give an artistic look that resonates with your brand. Moreover, you can drag and drop your feed to arrange the posts fluently. You can also save your captions and hashtags for future usage.

One of the best features of Unum is its phantom mode, where you can envision your grid by hiding selected media if you delete posts from the feed. It is a great app to plan your feed. However, it can’t auto-upload the content on your social media


The last on the list, but not the least, Plan is one of the top apps for Instagram content planning. It features a straightforward drag-and-drop interface to help you plan your Instagram post with ease by uploading your media from your device, Dropbox, or stock-free images. 

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The app also integrates with canvas to help edit, copy, and apply effects to your media. It supports feeds, videos, carousal, and stories alike. Whether you use it on a laptop or phone, the interface remains the same, making switching easy. 

Moreover, with Plann on your side, you can auto-post your content across different platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Not to forget to save your hashtags for your future usage.

Wrapping Up

These top apps for Instagram content planning are best to help you plan your content without investing much time into it. You can creatively edit your media and schedule your posts across your social media to boost your business.