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Today, there are tons of marketing tools that have cut down the workload for marketers and have provided many facilities. Marketing Automation has taken the business world in its grasp with its amazing uses. Its significance cannot be denied for lead generation or nurturing.  Without time investment or traditionally going out to reach the audience and making sales, you can grow your brand with better results in nurturing and lead generation through marketing automation.

Most of the time, the marketing campaign’s main focus is generating more leads, which means an increased number of opportunities and as a result more customers. Lead generation is a crucial process that includes collecting the contact details to design strategic marketing campaigns. However, the problem is, it’s super time-consuming. The efforts can go to waste if the leads are not nurtured.

Numbers are crucial while generating the leads, however, sometimes the higher number of leads does not mean more customers. Therefore, lead generation shouldn’t require too much time or human effort. This whole process will be a lot easier if it will be automated. This is when marketing automation comes into the picture, saving the day. Its presence is most wanted for the process of lead generation.

Following are the few points that show the importance of marketing automation in lead generation:

High-volume lead generation

Generating a number of leads manually takes a lot of time and it is a challenging task. The pressure to do more in a short time can ultimately overwhelm and harm the team morale, as they are already busy with other leads.

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Marketing automation tools like automated chat and email marketing software free the teams from performing repetitive time-consuming tasks, and they can focus on strategic tasks instead. According to a report, 80% of marketers use lead generation software.

User Engagement

Improving visitors’ engagement is very important. Building a connection with the audience works wonders for the business. However, engaging them means making them feel influential and special, which forms, or mass emails cannot do that.

Marketing automation takes notice of a visitor’s behavior to personalize communication strategies. The automation tools pave the way towards stronger relationships with potential buyers.

The actual benefit of automated customer engagement is how the customer remains engaged even in your absence while you need to focus on other important tasks.


When you close the deal, you feel happy, relieved, and excited that you finally got a customer. However, thinking about those that didn’t convert, all the happy feelings instantly become dust because, for you, your valuable time and efforts were wasted. It shows 96% of visitors visiting the websites are unprepared to buy anything at all.

Even if you have gotten hold of a few leads by using forms and CTAs, it doesn’t mean the lead is ready to purchase your product. Nurturing leads becomes a challenge even if you are aware of the qualified leads because of a small team.

Marketing automation helps with many things for nurturing. A few of them are:

  • Automated messaging available 24/7
  • Automation help with the increase in transparency between sales and marketing to align your CRM
  • Resending data relevant to the nurtured leads depending on their persona
  • Sending drip campaigns
  • Executing a tailor-made approach to connect with the segmented leads.
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Marketing automation tools are no less than a blessing. Using marketing automation you can boost your business, and stay relaxed about customer engagement, scheduled emails, and more. The above mentioned list should be enough to convince you about the significance of marketing automation in lead generation.