Here we will discuss about how to expunge a record in Oklahoma. Let’s start, In the common legal system, expungement is the process of making one’s criminal or felony records sealed and unavailable for public.

Each jurisdiction has its own expungement proceeding. Depending upon states, it is easier or more difficult to expunge a record. A Section 18 expungement allows for a person to expunge their entire arrest records. Expungement done as per Section 991(c) expungement allows a person who received a deferred sentence to expunge their appeal, and have the nature of their case updated and the case will be shown as dismissed. Such disposition will say, “pled not guilty, case dismissed”.  But, a 991(c) expungement will not expunge (remove) your arrest record. There are also separate expungements for juvenile records and victim protective orders.

Oklahoma law has made it simpler to eliminate old criminal records from the view of public. New legal changes have made it easier to keep your criminal records sealed and have allowed for some convictions to be immediately expunged. It has further opened possible opportunities to expunge records that were previously not possible to expunge.

If you want to expunge you arrest/criminal records, contacting an expungement lawyer would be the wisest and safest decision. Contacting with a capable expungement lawyer, you will get better advice and help you learn about various pathways to expunge felonies that were previously not eligible for expungement in the past. You can also understand the possibilities to expunge multiple non-violent felonies.

In order to successfully petition for an expungement of your arrest records, various legal requirements are to be complied with. The only way an arrest record can be expunged is to go through the formal expungement process. It isn’t automatic. Thus, a lawyer assisting you with the various actions you need to take can help make you petition have a stronger case. Not only will you need legal advice, such assistance will help make your expungement error free.

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While the law allows for some cases to be expunged immediately, many cases require the legal assistance of an attorney. This action from your side would further increase your chances for your arrest records to be removed from the public eye. An expungement attorney can assure your records to be removed through the correct legal proceedings. If you represent yourself, the court will hold you to the same standards for knowing and following the law as it would an attorney. Talking with an attorney will save you from the hassle of understanding every legal fact that you may be held as informed about.

Past records and cases come as a hindrance to many people. It can cause problems for employment, travel etc. In such cases expunging your records with the assistance of a qualified and reliable attorney can help to remove such records from the view of the public so that you can move on with your life without past conflict with the law haunting you. Taking the assistance of a reliable attorney also keeps your mind at ease throughout the whole process

Sometimes, even when the terms of probation are finished or have concluded to a deferred prosecution agreement, your records can still be discovered be the public. It is not guaranteed that they will not be found. In many cases, records have not been cleared from court records. This comes to a surprise for many people. Hence to assure that your records are expunged properly and set the past behind, speaking to a Tulsa expungement attorney would be a wiser decision.

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The expungement procedure is very complex. Attorneys are precisely trained in how to direct this intricate legal system. It can be very difficult for someone who is not well informed to find all the information they require. There are many different types of forms, petitions, and orders that the court will practice. Each court requires precise details. They require documents to be signed by specific people. It would be tremendously challenging for somebody who has had no such prior experience or has no in-depth understanding of the law to start an expungement process on their own. It is to be noted that while going to the court for your hearing, you will go up against other attorneys who have studied and trained for the same.

Thus, having an attorney by your side will greatly improve your chances of getting an expungement. Furthermore, an attorney who is experienced in expungements who to contact and the best way to go about getting the several parties to approve the expungement. Having an attorney will make the procedure smoother and worriless.