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Canva transformed the design industry by offering essential equipment to develop intricate designs for designers of all skill levels. It has upsides and downsides, urging some subscribers to seek Canva alternative options. 

Canva, in the broad sense, is a fantastic tool for creating objects like presentation slides and website images, and logos; since Atlassian purchased it, you can notice an increase in price, feature limitations, and efforts to oversell clients.

You might still generate unlimited digital content with Canva; with the founding of such type of graphic artist, there has been a bombardment of Canva alternative options, some of which may be completely free. 

In contrast, others have relatively clean functionalities or unique characteristics that you have to spend or that are not available on Canva.

The best Canva alternatives could be;


Crello’s interface is somewhat similar to Canva. With a quick search bar, you can find numerous templates and pre-defined proportions for specific applications, such as Facebook posts. 

Like Canva, Crello has a free version, though you are restricted to only five design downloads in 30 days. Inside the design phase, you could perhaps add particles, set color schemes with the brand-building kit, and slide things like items and text where you want.

Features and Pricing:

  • Starters can enjoy over 30,000 templates for blogging, social media, and marketing advertisement only for $0.
  • A quick image cropping tool for removing any section of an image.
  • immediate picture spinning and inversion
  • There are unlimited downloads and free plan assets for $9.99 per month for the pro package.
  • Instant background removal.
  • Audio editing software allows you to add music to images and audio to videos.
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Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark has spectacular features and functionality, making it an excellent Canva alternative. There is no need to have Photoshop or InDesign to use it since it is part of the Adobe software package. In reality, one scheme is entirely free, with extra premium proposals that are less expensive than those offered by Canva.

The free plan is confined, but there are thousands of free icons, symbols, and images that can choose. There is an unlimited number of social and advertising design features you can create, as long as you don’t mind the Adobe Spark watermark.

Features and Pricing:

  • A comprehensive library of templates.
  • A brand marketing feature allows you to include your logo designs, color combination, and font in every Spark design.
  •  Adobe Creative Cloud inter-program sharing.
  •  There are massive selection options for digital backgrounds and different icons, photographs, and other assets.
  • Swift Download button for creating a PNG, JPG, or PNG image.
  • Pricing packages for starters are $0 per month, individuals can get in $9.99, and the team price per month is 19.99 dollars. 


Snappa is an excellent tool for creating graphic designs for social networking sites, blog posts, and profile pages. The layouts are helpful in getting the exact measurements, and the literally billions of free, high-resolution pictures allow for a quick, creative process. Snappa’s cost is marginally higher than Canva’s, but you get a few additional features.

Features and Pricing:

  • A stylish designer app with access to lots of free templates.
  • Large numbers of free pictures are available.
  • Buffer, as well as social media profiles, are linked.
  • Fonts can be updated.
  • Partnership and multi-user accounts are possible.
  • Tools for quickly removing background images.
  • Pricing is higher than Canva Starter: $0, individual: $15, Team: $30. 
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There are many designs apps that can be used as a Canva alternative. But choosing the best Canva alternative could be more difficult. So you can try out the ones that entertain you and select the most user-friendly one. Whatever tool you utilize, you require more photos and illustrations to incorporate into your creations.