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Research has shown that many entrepreneurs use their time to tackle daily tasks and do not get enough time to put effort into their long-term goals and plan. They could not give attention and time to proper strategies and perform other important tasks to boost and grow their small business. 

Small businesses can not afford huge and expensive systems and tools because of the limited budget and small staff. Entrepreneurs can not get any help to manage their daily operations. However, many software and platforms are specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners deal with tasks and grow their businesses. 

All the software are there to help a small business owner with their requirements and needs to set up their profiles, manage accounts, store documents, and many other things. We have selected the best software for small businesses based on a business company’s common needs and requirements, quality, accessibility, and affordability. Here is the list we made for you. 


James Lochrie created this platform along with Kirk Simpson in 2010. They designed this software especially for small businesses around the world. It is easy to use and has more than 250 employees. Waves are serving different small businesses and companies and helping them grow.

It ranks in the list of the best software for small businesses. It is a great choice because it will help you track the expenses, income, and sake taxes, scan invoices, and send invoices. The best thing is that you get all these services without any cost. Isn’t it the best choice? 

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It was founded by three entrepreneurs in 2006. This company has around 5,000 employees all over the world. Moreover, 200 million people use it from 190 different countries. It is one of the best platforms to create a professional look for websites without paying any high price and coding knowledge. 

Wix provides you with different templates and an editor to make it easier to create a professional site. It gives an amazing look to the site with different effects like video backgrounds, animations, etc. 


MailChimp was created by Dan Kurzius and Ben Chestnut, owners of a web design agency, in 2001. They wanted to provide budget-friendly services for email marketing

It became a great marketing platform that offers websites, landing pages, and more. We added this platform to the list because it lets small businesses with email marketing of high level in budget-friendly plans. 

Google Workplace:

Google Workplace is an excellent platform that provides different tools, cloud storage, calendars, video meetings and chat, and many other things. We consider Google Workplace a great option for your small business because it helps you create a cloud-based and efficient work environment. 

Moreover, you do not have to pay any high prices for taking such good services. What makes it a better option is that Google provides every tool you use.