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Masters of business administration is the wish of many, but after covid-19 year it is not that popular now. Many restrictions and border closures globally decreased mobility and the value of an MBA. 

The fees structure of any best MBA program costs more than 100,000 US dollars. Even though the covid pandemic 66% increase in the applications is seen during a survey of business schools. 

Best MBA programs are due to business schools’ best business models for teaching. Many universities offer relaxation in examination methods and generous scholarships to boost education.The following five universities are ranked as best programs;

Stanford University

Graduate school of business from Stanford University is considered the top but toughest to get admission with only a 7.1 % acceptance ratio. Highly distinguished faculty includes 15 academy winners and 2 Nobel prize winners. Stanford offers a full-time program, dual-range, two-year degree program.

General management curriculum and second-year students have different options to customize the degree according to their choice. Students can avail scholarships and tours abroad for four weeks under global management immersion experience. Many other options make this program best to avail.

MIT Salon School of Management 

MIT Salon School is considered as best MBA program because it offers a variety of MBA degree options. Mainly two types are being offered; one is the flagship MIT full-time MBA program completed in two years. Second is the full-time Salon Fellows MBA program that completes in one year.

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Nationals of almost twenty years can participate in mid-career executive programs, profitable and non-profitable organizations help in this regard. Major companies organize faculty-led group discussions with collaborations and two-year curriculum presentations for the flagship MIT Salon full-time MBA program.

Harward University

Harvard university has a name in education worldwide and is considered the best educational entity. Students from Harward university have a higher ratio above 70% of employment after the best MBA program. Students can complete Harvard university’s full-time MBA degree by paying 73,440 US dollars annually.

Harvard’s MBA semester syllabus includes a variety of subjects. E-commerce, finance, accounting, human resource management, health care management, health administration, not-for-profit management, real estate, tax, and technology are some of the prestigious university programs.

University of Chicago

Indicators of excellence survey show the university of Chicagos part-time MBA program as the top-ranked degree program. Booth business schools graduates after full-time graduation have a higher employment ratio above 84%. Chicago’s part-time MBA programs cost 7,344 US dollars, while executive MBA has 194.000 US dollars total program fees.

Finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, production/ operations management, public policy, organizational behavior, management information system, public policy, international business, general management are some degree programs that the Booth business school of Chicago university offers.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School is the first United States school that offers business-related degrees. University schools train their students to make sensible decisions and handle stress in difficult situations. Students can do researches in almost 25 research centers and 150 organizations affiliated with Wharton School.

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E-commerce, human resource management, health care administration, international business marketing, public policy, quantitative analysis/ statistics, general management, finance, accounting are some of the best MBA programs offered by Wharton School with an 81 % students’ job ratio after degree.


Master in business administration is an important degree necessary for all managerial posts to handle. Hence, the mentioned above business schools and universities offer the best MBA programs in the world.