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Expanding your business is not easy. You need different types of tools to save lots of time and energy. There are many small tasks that can be forgotten like sending weekly newsletters, welcome and reminder emails, surveys and feedback, reviews etc. Therefore, it is essential to have an automation system to do all such small tasks on its own.

Marketing automation, uses your digital marketing tasks automatically saving you energy and time which you may use on other tasks like focusing on a bigger picture. There are several helpful tools for small businesses as well. However, you can only benefit from marketing automation only if you have the right tools.

Many tools claim what they are not. Therefore, it is crucial to know the best softwares helpful for you in your business. Following is the list of best marketing automation tools;


OptinMonster is the most amazing software for conversion optimization and lead generation for all types of websites. It has a compelling Exit-Intent technology that can turn abandoning visitors of a website to subscribers and customers.

One of the great things about this software is that it is super friendly and the most flexible software to build impressive and compelling campaigns. You may also add ads and boost your marketing strategy using OptinMonster.

Another plus point about OptinMonster is that it has multiple campaign types if a marketer wants to launch a campaign within a short time. It also includes a drag and drop builder. Other than that you can also track the users by applying pre-built types of campaigns or make your own.

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Constant Contact

This tool is best for email marketing and automation. All the email campaigns are automated and this lets you focus on the other stuff important for the growth of your business. If you want to build a beautifully impressive high converting email campaign for your subscribers then you should definitely go for this software. This software also has different tools that can help you in growing your email list.

It only takes minutes in building beautiful emails due to the drag and drop email builder, Readymade email images are also available which you may use or customize before using.

Apart from designing emails, based on the actions and behaviors on your website, you can allow the same email trigger for the subscribers. Also you can divide your audience so that the right message should be delivered at the right time. Also, the software keeps the record of unresponsive subscribers and automatically resends the emails.


This amazing software offers multiple marketing tools that can automate marketing strategy. Moreover, it has impressive toolbox features of audience engagement, marketing campaigns plans and generation leads. Having a great set of tools allows you to communicate with the users. Whereas it also includes SMS, email, ads, landing page templates, and many other services that are automated.

From live chat marketing automation to sending messages to the audience automatically, it has countless amazing features. Thus it is an All-in-one software.


Before you become excited because of the amazing features of early mentioned softwares and jump for them without much thought, remember that no matter how amazing a software could be, you must think everything through from budget to strategies. After you’re done with figuring out everything, you may choose one software that fits your business requirements perfectly.