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Businesses are integrating automation software to make their marketing campaigns successful. The automation software puts your routine work on autopilot and manages customer relationships, generating leads and driving conversion rates.

Although you are still in charge of those tasks, tracking the progress of different tasks like customer segmentation, email campaigns, reporting tools, etc., does save you loads of time. If you want to give it a shot, let’s have a look at our list of best marketing automation software to understand which one is best suited for you.


Hubspot is one of the best marketing automation software to take care of dozens of your tasks, such as marketing, sales, customer services, etc. It is easy to use software to customize your tasks with a visual editor.

Nothing is complicated with HubSpot, whether it’s a simple task or email automation with drip campaigns. Also, the software provides you with the best customer service. However, small businesses may find it a bit pricey.

Constant Contact

Have you ever come across leads that need warm calls to make them act? Choose ConstantContact for such prospects. It helps personalize email automation campaigns to preschedule emails to nurture those leads for sales interactions.

Moreover, you can also target your clients according to their demographics or other attributes. You have the power to segregate cold leads, field leads, C-suite leads, etc. Not to forget, when they get specific emails at times. In short, you can automate emails for any time and any situation to get your leads successful.

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Are you looking for software with a drag-and-drop function for your marketing automation? ActiveCampaign fulfills its easy-to-use visual automation even if you are a novice performing complex tasks. The beauty of using this software is that it simplifies a complex job into a simple task with its tools.

It is ideal for both new and established entrepreneurs for its variety of features like site tracking, event tracking, split actions, and predicting capabilities. There are both basic and premium plans available to choose from according to your needs for automating your business.


One of the excellent email marketing automation software is Moosend. It features a user-friendly interface helping businesses do the basics of email automation with ease. Moreover, its segmentation tool targets ideal customers with the right strategies and campaigns.

Perfect for beginners, the drag-and-drop email builder creates enticing emails, and ecommerce AI studies customers by their shopping behaviors.


OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation software. It helps automate your marketing campaign by growing your email lists, minimizing the chance of cart abandonment, and leading to more sales. With Optinmonster, you can create incredible landing pages, popups, and campaigns to drive more leads after studying web visitors and their actions.

However, it is only limited to creating automation campaigns for lead generation. To achieve full-fledged campaigns, you need to integrate them with your emails or CRM.


Convertkit is a straightforward automation software perfect for beginners. It can automate simple email campaigns to create robust sales funnel after your lead takes action. Although it is famous for its email marketing services, it can do much more than that, whether you want to use it for your content site, ecommerce businesses, or selling SaaS. It comes with a free plan for beginners with

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In reviewing this above-mentioned marketing automation software, we can conclude that they help streamline your campaign by taking the significant burden. Moreover, it provides a consistent customer journey with broader reach and visibility over the campaign.