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Who doesn’t love Instagram? It’s one of the most popular social media platforms where people post photos and videos with captions to engage with their audience. There are thousands of ways to make your Instagram account attractive with lovely feeds and eye-catchy content.

But do you want to level up your Instagram game with some cool hacks? If you are up for it, don’t forget to go through these best Instagram hacks we have gathered for you.

Hide Hashtags On Stories

Hashtags are undoubtedly an easy way to target a new audience in your niche. But who likes stuffing their stories with hashtags. Moreover, it looks too promotional and untidy.

However, we have a trick for you to add hashtags to target your audience without them showing all over your pictures. You can cloak those tags by coloring them with a pen icon to blend them with your background.

Create Shortcuts For Easy Responses

Do you get a lot of engagement from your audiences and find it hard to reply to them? We understand it is a real-time taking process.

Instagram has a shortcut feature to respond to the audience quickly. There is a creator app with quick replies to create shortcuts in settings. These automated phrases save loads of time while answering the most common questions.

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Use Special Fonts For Bio, Posts, Stories, And Texts

Although Instagram provides limited fonts options, you can follow some hacks to give you access to other fonts styles. It will help you stand out and grab your audience’s attention by using them in your bio, posts, stories, and texts.

On Instagram, there is a special font app with multiple fonts options. After choosing the font resonating with your style and business, copy and paste it on Instagram.

Share Previews Of Your Instagram Stories And Posts

Influencers and bloggers intrigue excitement in their audience by showing them a sneak peek of what they are going to post. Consequently, the audience waits impatiently for the next post. You can also publish a sneak peek of your Instagram stories as a video. Pick a picture from your stories, touch the pen symbol, choose a colour, and hold it for a second until it covers the screen.

Finally, use the eraser to remove the section you want your audience to see. A clear CTA is required. For previews, choose an image in your stories and mask it in the desired color with a pen icon by long-tapping it. Then erase the portion you want your audience to see. Don’t forget to add CTA.

Add Line Breaks Into Your Instagram Bio

Many influencers use line breaks to break the monotony of their long bio to keep it interesting. It gives bio a refined look and stands out from other accounts.

Though you may find Instagram to remove it while trying from your phone. A simple hack of adding line breaks from your laptop Instagram setting can do it effortlessly.

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Add Special Characters To Your Bio

Every blogger strives to put up with a bio to stand out, adding different characters that look enticing and engaging.

A simple trick is to type your bio in Google Docs or Word with the advanced emojis option. Simply copy and paste it to your Instagram account.

Set Your Highlights Icon To A New Image

Many businesses opt to have highlight icons to organize their events and media files. This way, their audience can access them quickly. A feature with which they can customize the icon to maintain the theme and guide what your icon is about. You can do it promptly by tapping on your highlights icon and selecting the edit cover option.

Follow hashtags

A great way of reaching the target audience is using hashtags. This way audience can also find when they are looking for products or services in your niche. You can also easily see your related hashtags by going to explore page.


We these quick Instagram tips, you can make the job easier by making the platform attractive and engaging in no time. Therefore, go through these best Instagram hacks you need to know to help you stand out in the sea of competition.