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No one can deny the need for influencer marketers in online marketing. Over time, collaboration with influencers has become essential to promote your business and get more customers. It does not matter whether your business is big or small, influencer marketing will always work for your business better than ads.

Most people are annoyed by ads and they block them from wherever they can. Therefore, advertising isn’t of much help in promotions. On the other hand, an influencer marketing campaign can work wonders for any brand as influencers are part of the social media campaign.

Small businesses aren’t the only ones to reach out to the influencers or content creators, in-fact even bigger brands like Dior, Motorola, and eBay collaborate with influencers. Following are the best influencer marketing campaigns you should know about:

Daniel Wellington & their global campaign

For a brand of accessories and high-end watches, advertising is completely affordable; however, it ditched this idea and went for the collaboration with influencers and celebrities for their worldwide campaign.

The idea was worth it and about 2 million posts were tagged #danielwellington. Moreover, the brand gained over 3 million subscribers. However, the campaign continued changing the numbers constantly.


This US-based beauty brand is unique when it comes to approaching influencer marketing. They collaborate with micro-influencers. Moreover, the brand’s motto is that any and every woman can be an influencer. It shouldn’t matter whether she has a small or large audience. This helps boost any woman’s confidence.

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Apart from believing that, for Glossier, the most crucial thing is authenticity. As a result, people can’t stop loving this brand.

ASOS & “Insiders”

If you were looking for something different and a unique way of reaching out to the influencers then this is for you. This online clothing brand reached out to the influencers and turned them into brand ambassadors. They have special Instagram profiles showcasing the brand’s clothing. However, the influencers or the content creators the brand picked were already having a good number of followers.

Car Brands & Loki the Wolfdog

You don’t have to be a human to have a large number of followers or to be a good influencer. Loki the wolfdog just proved that. Having stunning scenery with the adorable Loki the wolfdog can make anyone fall in love with the campaign.

Thus, the adorable Loki was the star of the  Mercedes GLS campaign. Moreover, Loki was once a partner of BFGoodrich tires and Toyota US,


Although reaching out to content creators and collaborating with the influencers will help you in promoting your brand, it doesn’t mean that you should approach just any influencer. You need to do some analysis before starting anything.

Analyzing everything regarding the campaign, before, during, and after it will give you a clear picture of how effective the partnership was or will be. Nevertheless, it will help you in making the right choice when it comes to choosing the right platform.

Moreover, as you have gone through the above listing, you must know by now that thinking out of the box isn’t a bad thing for the growth of your business. However, you must not ignore the specifics and campaign goals while marketing.