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If you use a Windows PC, you might need apps to increase your productivity by improving your computer’s performance. There are plenty of apps available in the Microsoft store that you can choose according to your requirements. 

However, with so many options available there, you might get overwhelmed. Let’s look at our list of 6 top apps for windows laptops to boost your user experience. This list includes apps for your browser, pictures, videos, and entertainment. So, if you are on a hunt for top apps for windows laptops, keep reading this post.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most common browser used worldwide. With this fastest browser around, you can get information about almost everything. It is a simple and user-friendly interface. It allows you to browse your history, sync all your bookmarks, get plenty of extensions, save passwords, and maintain your privacy. 

Just get sign-in to chrome and get plenty of features free of cost. Moreover, it is easy to personalize your settings and maintain your privacy on Chrome.


Want to protect your computer from nasty viruses? Get Malwarebytes. This free app for your PC scans your computer for any threat and removes it. Even if you have an antivirus installed on your computer, trust us with MalwareBytes, as it claims to identify more threats from your PC than any other anti-viruses.

However, you might need to subscribe to its premium version to get extended protection from deadly threats. 

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One of the top apps for playing videos and other multimedia is VLC. This app makes video watching easy by playing almost all video files like MPEG, MKV, etc. Moreover, this free app can play DVDs and CDs and support streaming videos. Not to forget playing zip files without extracting them individually.


Save all your files in one place with the top app DropBox. You don’t need to worry about your photos, documents, or other files with this app around. It is a free app to save all your documents in the cloud and let you access them easily from any device. 

DropBox is available for windows 10, Macbooks, IOS, and Androids. Therefore, you can recover your files even if your PC is not working. 

LibreOffice Writer

In need of a powerful word processor app, let’s look at LibreOffice Writer. This fantastic app has all-in-one features, a writer to process words, a calculator, spreadsheets, a presentations maker, an editor for vector graphics, and database managing base. With this app, you may forget MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


Zoom is the top app to get you connected with your family, friends, and office from the comfort of your home. It is a free video conference app with which you can connect with 100 people for 40 minutes straight. It allows you to share your screen, record your meetings, and do automatic transcription. 

If you don’t want any time or people restrictions, you can always opt for their premium plans. The app is available for both PC and mobiles.

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Though there are plenty of apps available for your PC, we have carefully chosen these 6 top apps for windows laptops to improve your computer’s performance and your productivity. These apps are mostly free. However, some apps have paid plans to purchase them according to your needs.