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Apple’s play store or Google’s Play store is more famous and valuable than the Windows 10s Microsoft store. It does not have plenty of useful apps required for many purposes. Apps for educational, entertainment, gaming, and other purposes are available.

You can download everything from programmers to personalisation apps that will help you to give a boom to your productivity. Selection and finding these apps can be an arduous task because Microsoft Store’s search and fruitful discovery are not good at all. 

This list includes the best Windows 10 apps that you can use on your PC or laptop;

Spotify Music:

Spotify is indeed readily accessible on the Windows Store, and you would not have to install the desktop version to relish some incredible music. This app contains all the features found on the Spotify app on any other channel, making it an essential element for all music fans. 

Particularly for those looking to discover new music, Spotify’s recommendations are an incredible option. A very smooth graphical user interface and very easy interface make this an appealing application. It can synchronise all the data across all platforms, allowing you to shift from your windows PC to your smartphone.

WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education:

WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education is a great application for children that teaches them the fundamentals of coding that use LEGO bricks. This app has a convenient interface, making it possible for children to learn independently. Teachers can also control it to teach their students basic programming skills. 

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Additionally, it could teach students necessary scientific & technology procedures, such as solving problems, simulation, experimentation, investigating, analysing, and analysing evidence. This educational app is a must-have app for young children who focus on teaching them coding in a fun and engaging way.


If you are starting to watch videos rather than music on your device, you will be pleased to know that Netflix is therefore available in the Microsoft Store. There is no reason people watch Netflix on the online platform.

Especially since the Netflix feature helps you to download videos for online streaming. It seems as though it facilitates 4K audios and videos. Anyone else with a Windows 10 gadget and a Netflix subscription should have the Netflix app.

Paint. Net:

Whether you are looking for a quick yet functional sketching and drawing, image editing software aimed toward inexperienced users, Paint.NET is a must-have app. The app’s pseudonym will fool not everyone; this is nothing like a simple Paint app or Paint 3D on Windows 10.

It provides something much wider variety of tools and attributes for editing and creating breathtaking projects. Furthermore, the app has an incredibly active community by creating useful plug-ins that help to improve user experience.


Tidal is just another excellent streaming platform that, while somewhat pricey, should be the go-to app for music listeners. Tidal also has a relatively extensive music collection than Spotify, but incredible audio quality. 

That is ideal for someone looking to channel and listen to amazing music on their Windows 10 device. The Tidal app is not as widely accessible as Spotify on the downtrend. However, some of you may not access the music streaming service readily.