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With freelancing, you have the freedom to work from any location. However, you may find yourself glued to a computer all day due to the demands of your job. The productivity and output you get from a dedicated desk are worth noting, but there’s no reason you cannot continue the momentum while on the road.

With these tools and mobile applications, you’ll be able to operate your web design firm when you’re away from the office. As a web designer, you should be able to work anywhere you choose, so long as your smart devices are equipped with the proper tools. Here are 11 of the top applications and tools you should be using right now:

Adobe Capture CC

Our preferred mobile app for web designers is Adobe Capture CC. You may use this smartphone software to rapidly understand any interesting signs, flyers, bumper stickers, or other stickers that strike your attention. Another great tool for site designers is the Colors function. When you submit a picture to the tool, a comparable colour palette will be selected for you.


HoursTracker is a time-tracking tool that is free to use. Design customers who pay per hour would appreciate this for those of you who charge on a per-hour basis! Others may utilise this as a means of holding themselves more responsible. Using a time tracker will help you stay focused on your objective of working a set amount of hours every day.

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Adobe Scan

Web designers could take use of Adobe’s excellent mobile apps for web development. This is the first one. Using this programme, you may take a picture and save it as a PDF. This would be an excellent way to keep track of travel expenses for business. Use this to digitise hand-drawn wireframes or drawings. It’s possible to utilise this to take a picture of a potential client’s business card and save it in the cloud for future reference.


Surely you’ve been someplace when you wished you had a pen and paper to jot down an idea that just came to you. These notes, audio recordings, uploaded files, and screenshots may be stored securely in Evernote.

In the past, you may have depended on your mobile device’s built-in note, picture, and storage applications to keep track of this type of data. Using Evernote, you can organise all of your web design-related information into one area.


You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by using LastPass, a password management service. You may keep your passwords in LastPass whenever you create a new one on your mobile device. Because it works on both mobile and desktop, you can use the same account on both.


There are several productivity applications out there, but Asana is the best since it works seamlessly across your devices. As an example, let’s imagine you’ve been used to handling all of your client information, project tasks, and timeframes on your Asana desktop software. With a simple download of the mobile app, you’ll be able to carry all of your company’s important data with you wherever you go.