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If you think VR apps are for games, you are missing out on all the fun. VR apps are designed for iPhones, androids, Mac, and Windows platforms, thanks to the technology. All you need is a VR app to enjoy the experience the virtual reality on any smart screen.

Read our list of best VR apps to learn more about top apps for VR, from playing games to experiencing beautiful landmarks in breathtaking 360-degree views. Let’s get started.

Nature Treks VR

Want to have a vacation in a peaceful, calming, and relaxing place? Let’s take a virtual trip to Nature Treks VR, a collection of nine unique themed environments such as tropical beaches, underwater oceans, and space. Here, you have the privilege to adjust the weather and time of the trip. 

You get to see different animals, birds, and other life such as elephants, lions, gorillas, underwater life like whales, and wonder at the marvelous creations of nature like sea turtles. It also features a soundtrack to enhance your experience by improving an emotional effect on your exploration.


Daydream is a Google VR app where you can enjoy virtual reality experiences with a vast collection of apps and games. Explore the world and space, play different games, and enjoy your personal cinema with thousands of videos available. 

Furthermore, you will never be bored with it, as the apps continuously bring new features content now and then. Therefore, you will always find something exciting while using the headset.

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VR Space

Are you obsessed with space, planets, and stars? Then VR Space is your go-to VR app. Take the virtual tour to your favorite planets and stars of the galaxy with stunning views and mellow music. And experience full drive VR floating in the space with this app. The best part is that you do not need any controller to play the games on it.

VirtualSpeech-VR course

Want to game up your public speaking skills? With this app, you will experience the audience’s presence like in an actual event. This way, you can hone your skills by developing confidence to face the real world.

This app features different VR courses with different scenarios and features to track your public speaking, sales pitch, storytelling, and business networking skills. Moreover, you will get evaluations on your skills, such as your confidence, eye content, and the rhythm of your voice.

Google Expedition

Google Expedition is the VR extension of Google Earth. If you like using Google Earth, you will love this app by flying around the planet like a bird. It is both fun and educational. You can visit landmarks by simply clicking on the menu and visiting it.

Ocean Rift

If you are mesmerized by the terrifying ocean life, you are going to love this virtual trip underwater. With this app, you can explore 12 giant open habitats and observe marine life with dolphins, sharks, and many other wondrous creatures like sea turtles. It features both VR experiences of soaking the calming nature of marine life. Or indulge in survival games to their fullest.

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Wrapping up

These six top apps for VR are the best to let you explore nature, play games, and gain knowledge. The endless opportunity to have fun and explore the world with these apps provides the next experience level.