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One of the perks of owning a Macbook is the leisure to access multiple apps available in their store. From productivity apps and antivirus software work-related apps to entertainments apps, you can use any from either Apple’s store or third-party app developers to increase your user experience.

In our list of top apps for Mac, we have shortlisted the eight best apps to increase your Mac experience. Let’s get straight into it.


Alfred is the best app for Mac users. Though it is an application launcher, it can perform many actions like calculations, web searches, thesaurus, and much more. Think of Alfred as everything between Spotlight and Siri, allowing you to do advanced tasks quickly.


DropZone is the best app for simplifying your job to copy and move files, launch apps, and share content through social media. Think of it as a shortcut to perform all your daily tasks. With this app onboard, you can easily upload files from AmazonS3. Moreover, you can easily shorten URLs with this app.


Want to take notes without any hassle? Try Evernote. It is known as the king of taking notes. The simple, organized, and synched app, Evernotes, comes with many browser extensions and add-ons. 


Google Chrome is the most popular and universally used app for a good reason. The easy-to-use app provides search results at a great result. Moreover, you can log in to your chrome browse and customize it to your likings. All your information, passwords, bookmarks, history, and other features are synched and protected with Chrome.

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Microsoft 365

If you work between Mac and Windows, it is a headache to transfer your files back and forth constantly. In this case, Microsoft 365 for Mac and Windows will prove to be your savior. This fantastic app is a power pack of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many other tools. However, you may need to subscribe to paid versions to get these features.


Want to save all your files? Choose DropBox. It is a top app for Mac and Windows, Androids, IOS, and even web browsers. So why worry about your files if you can save them in the cloud without worrying about changing your interfaces. This app allows you to protect your images, videos, documents, and other kinds of files by placing them in the cloud. Moreover, you can access them from any browser. 

Moreover, you can avail yourself of free space of 2GB when you sign up for dropbox. But, if you want to get more space and connect your Dropbox to social media, get its paid package.


Spotify is one of the top apps for music lovers. As you know, not everyone can access Apple Music. The desktop app of Spotify allows you to access its entire store, where you can search and listen to almost every song free of cost. 

VLC Player

VLC player is the best multimedia app in both windows and Mac. This app supports all kinds of media files, even the zip files, without extracting individual files for playing. It features fast video conversions, subtitle support, and video filters.

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To wrap it up, these 8 top apps of Mac provide you with unique features and take care of your productivity and user experience. Before using Mac, make sure to read these top apps to help you organize and provide the top features you need in your Mac.