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Instagram Stories are indeed an exciting and entertaining feature. This app lets the users share many pictures or online clips that will be visible on Instagram for 24 hours. This functionality has grown in popularity, owing to the wide range of options available for making them more exciting.

Many applications are designed to develop, entertain, and involve Instagram Stories. A few mobile applications enhance Stories with effects and motion graphics, whereas others offer more innovative pictures and video editing software.

Given below apps are top apps for Instagram stories used by the public;


Canva is a widely known photo editing software with almost 60,000 plus templates. You can create beautiful Instagram Stories, photos with text overlays, and over a million background images. Design tools like design grids, photo blur, photo vignettes, and photo enhancers are all used to edit photos. 

Photo stock library makes this app more favorable for use. Besides these qualities, Canva also provides image editing tools such as font size, letter typing, filters, and so forth. The app helps to create & share pictures across various platforms.

Story Art:

Story Art is one of the top apps for Instagram Story. These editing apps are high-rated on the Google Play Store with 4.7 stars and the Apple App Store with 4.8 stars. It is effortless and quick to use because it offers numerous pre-configured templates that help you create your Instagram Stories.

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However, it also includes a wide range of options for adding design effects apart from the designs. You can make editable comments on photos with font styles, filters, concepts, and other styling impacts. The app is available with a weekly template edition for Android and iOS devices to install. 


InShot is one of the best applications for creating Instagram Stories. This fantastic app offers an abundance of simple design details to assist you in creating unique Instagram Stories. The InShot video editor has a list of functions, including downsizing, cutting, dividing, cropping, and meld videos. 

It also offers a variety of content for backgrounds, frames, and consequences. Music and sounds are other options for your videos so that you can disappear music in or out. A variable-speed opportunity allows you to create gradual low or fast-motion videos. Emojis, stickers, text styling are all included for video and photo editing.


This is a streamlined app for creating photo or video collages for Instagram Stories. PhotoGrid has many templates specially designed for Instagram Stories from where you can select. It includes a wide range of filters, tags, font sizes and styles, and photo effects for creating customized images. 

PhotoGrid app also includes photo editing tools such as trimming an element from a photo and stripping away the background. Some contouring features add extra makeup or remove colors from selfies and profile pictures. PhotoGrid can make Instagram Storie’s memes, selfies, and you can add GIFs to your memes.

Final Words:

Developers are creating the Latest Instagram Stories applications daily. Stories are becoming more innovative, engaging, and involving day by day. Top apps for Instagram Stories offer you the capability of creating high-quality, coherent, and consistent stories that will amuse your followers.