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The abundance of eye-catching entertainment on Instagram attracts talented young people regularly. You can develop a wonderful flow of posts to keep your followers more satisfied and pleased by doing so. 

Since we began reviewing Instagram apps, innovative and creative apps for the best grids to help you create inspiring content for viewers. We are always looking for the best Instagram grids to help and inspire our community, and we have been reviewing the best apps to do just that from some time now

You will be find the expansions of more advanced features, improved functionalities, and more brilliant aspects to make content. Following Top 3 Apps For Instagram Feed Layout will help manage your content;

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Planoly is indeed unquestionably the best and exclusive Instagram content organizing app. The smartphone and web-based application interfaces are very well designed and simple to use. Both editions endorse the same attributes and work well together. 

Adding an upcoming content calendar to your website allows you to organize your content and make notes about important dates. You also can assign a color to each task for identification or urgency basis.

With the photo template method, this aspect allows you to plan a blog if your picture is not yet ready. There are many options when you look for images reposting from Instagram or free photo sites. 

Ideal for those who enjoy incorporating idealistic or multi-project pictures into their accounts. You can experiment with the fabrication of different styled grids before integrating them into your feed.

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Features: This is available for both Android and iOS. One insta-account holder can use free of cost for a month and handle up to 30 posts.


The preview application is effortless for visually planning and scheduling essential posts on your mobile. It lacks the rings and buzzers like other apps. In comparison, there is a laptop edition and cannot be accessed from the free edition of the app. You can use filters, edit and crop in-app facilities.

There is assistance ability to navigate the apps, yet there are some tutorial videos accessible in the apps. There is not much to say regarding Preview except that it’s a stylish app that does exactly what it is meant to do.

The exploration function comes in handy when looking for photos to repost from Instagram. It is ideal for those who enjoy incorporating trendy, affluent, or mood board-style pictures into their Insta accounts. The draft section allows you to experiment with different interrelated concepts.

Features: You can enjoy unlimited post version, can access motherboard style desktop version. Available for Android and iOS.


A visually appealing option that allows for a great deal of artistic input over the design aesthetic of your grid. Unum has in-app controls and software for editing images and customizable layouts for generating Instagram stories. 

Unum allows you to build different versions of your grid and organize the order of your posts using drag & drop. Grid shift is another feature that will enable you to switch between seeing your impending posts.

Grid shift also tells how the grid would look when the next one comes online. Work schedule appeared to be an ancillary feature of the visual grid planner, but there are no auto-post possibilities.

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Features: Available free of cost for Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts:

Advanced technologies are now in demand because of many feasibilities. Top apps for Instagram feed layout make easy handling of posts and newsfeed. The above discussed best apps will help you in Insta account management.