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For freelancers to run their businesses more efficiently, using free and paid digital applications is one of the most powerful strategies. There are several choices available nowadays, and it’s difficult to distinguish between the best apps for freelancers and the terrible ones. 

All apps have incredible things and limitations, and you can benefit from their proper use. Without using the best available apps, any freelancer’s work would not be better and accessible, what it is today. Listed below are top apps for freelancers that will help you to boost your business;

Google docs:

Google docs as a text editor are no less than a blessing for freelancers. They can write, save, edit documents and files as many as they want. Microsoft Word was quite popular earlier, but now Google Docs is the best text editor available. All your written words are saved and synced in real-time across all your devices once you start typing. 

The file is then can be shared with colleagues or clients. Alternatively, keep it as.docx, .rft,.odt,.pdf, or another widely known format. The interface is discreet, allowing you to concentrate on your writing. You can get fundamental writing, editing tools, formatting, and easily add links, images, and tables.

Bid sketch:

Almost any freelance writer must learn how to write a victorious proposal. Bidsketch can assist you in standardising the client batters. The said app claims to snip the time needed to create and change recommendations in half by providing reusable content information. It gives the option for automatic insertion of data of new clients. 

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Data indicates whether customers perceived your proposals when they did so or how long they opened the file. You also could improve your proposal acceptance rate by using the e – signature feature. It may encourage new clients to concede your pitches more quickly and easily.


Figma is a collaborative design tool that is a prototyping tool. You can use a lattice to draw and scale your models, combine and set numerous levels, create chassis, and socialise with your schematics.

Essentially, you’ll be eligible to create and distribute stackable essential features.

It can circumvent photos when you need to add them quickly, and style text benefits effective team collaboration.


Most content writers must ensure that their writings, like guest posts, white papers, short stories, and e-books, are error-free. All reports are perfectly edited and up to the mark, and Grammarly is the perfect app to guide you to reasonably close to optimum content.

Features provided by Grammarly are;

  • It is the best error corrector; it removes all kinds of grammar, punctuation, typing errors and even comma usage.
  • Grammarly makes your writing style unique and enhances vocabulary.
  • Make a specific dictionary and keep track of your progress using performance metrics.
  • Users can even configure Grammarly to detect and notify visitors of genre-specific writing errors, as well as perform genre-specific style verifications.


Are you a virtual assistant and want to schedule many meetings? Don’t worry, and Doodle will help you in arranging conferences quickly. The Doodle scheduling app offers a virtual assistant interface that enables the smooth organisation of tasks for your clients and manages all your errands from a single app.

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Doodle manage your work activities from a to-do list, schedule calls and emails, conference calls, and Skype sessions in a month view showing days and hours. MeetMe page manages all meetings with the clients with just a single click. Notifications for any meeting will remind you of the date and time of the meeting.

Final Verdict:

There are hundreds of apps that benefit freelancers in many ways. Whether you need scheduling a meeting, editing, photography, grammar checker or document saving, there are apps for your help. This article will help you find the best app for you according to your desire.