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As a digital marketing expert, you come across many situations where you need to run campaigns and constantly look over them.  Managing your digital marketing efforts takes ongoing attention—and occasionally, on-the-go management.

Fortunately, you can utilize digital marketing applications to establish your internet presence anywhere. Our list of the five greatest digital marketing apps can help your business develop stronger marketing tactics on the move!

All these applications are free to download; however, some need a membership or plan to use. We’ll update the prices when they change. 


Buffer is the first app on our list of the best digital marketing tools. With the aid of Buffer’s social media scheduling tool, you will get a head start on your social media posting.

With this software, you can plan posts for social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can also monitor your social media posts via the Buffer app and see how they’re doing.


Canva comes in at number two on our best digital marketing apps list. Using Canva, you can design and create graphics on the go. Quick graphics for social media or mailing is no challenge with this tool.

Pre-built templates in this app make it simple to add components by dragging and dropping them into position. Additionally, it makes it simple to personalize the templates to reflect your brand’s style and personality.

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Mention is the go-to software for tracking brand mentions on social media and other digital platforms. You can use this software to keep track of your brand’s mentions on various social media networks. You’ll be able to keep track of every time someone mentions your brand online.

If your brand is mentioned on social media platforms, blogs, or news sites, you can view the information. Regardless of how positive or negative a customer’s perception of your brand is, you can monitor it and take proper action.


Feedly is a great internet marketing tool for businesses who want to stay on top of the latest industry news. With this software, you can keep track of your favourite subjects and trends and curate articles about them into your feed. It aids you in focusing your data on the most important aspects of your business.

To provide your audience with the most up-to-date information possible, you can use Feedly to track emerging trends. It gives you the ability to develop fresh material and distribute it to your audience through social media. You’ll keep your audience up to date on the latest developments in your field.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for everyone interested in internet marketing. Search engine optimization strategies can be tracked on the go using Google’s analytics app.

With their app, you’ll be able to check how your websites are doing and how much traffic they’re attracting. You have all the information you need at your fingertips, from clicks to sales. Accessing your SEO stats on the go is essential with the Google Analytics app.

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Are there any other better apps for digital marketers?

We have come up with a list of top apps for digital marketing after conducting adequate research and under the guideline of well-known digital marketing experts. After learning about these top best digital marketing apps, you are always ahead of others regarding marketing strategies. Here at ABC, we’ll discuss what more you should do to stay on track. You must maintain the position of your digital marketing plan and make certain that it is tailored to your company’s specific demands.