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Augmented reality doesn’t belong to the future anymore. Smartphones’ powerful processors and graphics can support AR apps with the latest technology. AR is more commonly used in gaming to provide the best near-to-real experiences to users while rushing them with adrenaline. It is becoming more familiar with shopping and other fields.

If you are curious to know more about top Apps for AR, read our list for top apps for AR. Let’s get started.


Houzz, home goods and furniture selling app, allows customers to browse and buy products. It features AR interior layout and design using 3D technology to deliver results near actual experience. Moreover, it also shows your product look in different lightings.

IKEA Place

IKEA Place is a home stored-based app using AR to let its users select their favorite furniture for their home. Using this app, they can look if the particular furniture looks good or fits their home.

Moreover, they can scan their floor plan, drag and drop the selected items and virtually lay them out to see the perfect fit. They only need a smartphone and AR app to enjoy all these features and make your shopping less stressful.

Google Lens

Google has brought one amazing AR apps for Android, Google Lens, to enhance the search experience. You can now open the app and search about a particular thing by simply aiming your lens at it instead of text searching. Google will identify images, text, objects, and landmarks and show you results related to them. This way, you can quickly search about your queries.

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Augment is a home-based store app using AR to help shop owners to showcase their ecommerce store. Here, the store owners can upload their products’ augmented images with the help of this app.

You can avail of these augmented features on a mobile app, website, in-person activations, or other channels. Bringing 3D models to life helps bring new ideas, engage with customers, and drive more sales, such as pop-up shops, events sales, and other physical stores.


Roar is an AR app that targets businesses. It allows users to scan products, incorporate AR into prints ads, and find out the popular categories and products from the collection. 

It also increases customers’ in-store and home experience by offering details and engaging content about their favorites. It helps customers browse the products, compare their prices, and purchase them.

Google Maps

Google Maps use AR to enhance your experience of searching and navigating through the application of AR into the app. Here, you can navigate your destination with virtual signs and arrows to direct you to the right place. 

Mission to MARS AR

Don’t worry if you are obsessed with Mars, as are the scientists, but you can’t join them yet. This last app on our list will take you there with augmented reality. With it, you can look at how the red planet looks and how it will be for a human. It will excite every nerve in your body by looking at a rocket launch, attempting a terrifying landing sequence, and virtually stepping on Mars. Not to forget the firing up of scale model rover.

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These top apps for AR provide the best AR experience in gaming, see sighting, wondering the space, shopping, or running your business to success. Augmented reality offers the best experience to simultaneously leave you awe-struck by nature and technology.