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Digital marketing has become the go to solution for how marketers market a business. Social media is by far one of the best ways to reach customers. Social media sites like Facebook are one of the basic core elements to a strong digital marketing strategy. 

Facebook advertising is a useful tool for marketing. The options Facebook offers allow a marketer to target specific groups of people based off of location, age, gender and interests. In addition, Facebook also allows video ads, boosted posts and traffic click ads. 

Facebook knows who to put your ad in front of based off of information provided by the user. When a person signs up for a Facebook account, they are asked information about their occupation, interests and affiliations. Additionally, Facebook also knows who to show your ad to based off of the ads, photos and pages a user engages with. Because Facebook has all this information this is why it is a helpful tool for businesses.

Facebook ads can be confusing to a newbie. Here’s an example of how a Facebook ad can increase sales for a small business. If a small business owner runs a small local coffee shop, they probably are aware of their average customer. If the customer is between a particular age and lives or works within a certain mile radius of the coffee shop, then the small business owner can specifically target people that fit this demographic. 

It does not take a big ad budget to find success with Facebook advertising. All sorts of small businesses can benefit greatly from these ads. Try digital advertising. Start with a social media posting and create an ad from that post. It may take some research to learn the best targeted audience and the best times to place ads, but Facebook will surely have the audience that will convert into customers for your business.