We’re all responsible of constructing errors in the case of grammar, however the world of promoting will be an unforgiving place in the case of such errors.

You would possibly suppose the odd error is nothing to name the grammar police over, however you’d be fallacious to be flippant in the case of these oversights.

Failure to make use of right grammar in your advertising and marketing materials, in your web site, and even in your exhibition stand can’t solely look sloppy and unprofessional, it could lose you enterprise.

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In line with a research by International Lingo, 59 % of individuals questioned stated they’d not use a enterprise that had apparent grammatical or spelling errors on its web site or advertising and marketing materials. And who might blame them? If an organization doesn’t care sufficient to right errors of their promotional content material, why ought to anybody belief them?

You would possibly suppose that with a sure auto-correction website ( the one we’re speaking about) you don’t want to fret an excessive amount of about checking typos. However this is able to be misguided.

That’s to not say these purposes don’t have their makes use of, it’s simply you’ll be able to’t depend on them 100%. If the that means of your content material is unclear, then it received’t get picked up or is unlikely to get auto-corrected correctly.

Whether or not or not it’s your web site or your exhibition stand, you solely have a brief period of time to make a great impression on a possible consumer. In the event that they spot apparent grammatical errors, then it’s not solely going to put you in a foul mild, there’s a powerful likelihood you’ll lose their enterprise.

At Quadrant2Design, we’re proud to have a few of the most rigorous high quality management checks within the exhibition design business by doing every thing in-house. In contrast to different exhibition corporations, we don’t take dangers by sub-contracting out any side of your exhibition stand to 3rd events. And as we pre-build each stand earlier than it leaves our premises, you will be positive each advertising and marketing message in your exhibition stand shall be spelt appropriately and grammatically right earlier than your present.

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Beneath now we have listed the highest embarrassing grammar errors in advertising and marketing and how one can keep away from them . . .

1. Mixing Up Your & You’re

One of the frequent errors many companies, together with giant well-known corporations, make is mixing up “you’re” and “your”. And though the distinction between these two phrases is definitely simple, that doesn’t cease many people getting them fallacious.

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“Your” is the possessive type of “you”. There are solely two issues that you must bear in mind about this phrase: it’s an adjective and it’s possessive. As it’s an adjective it could solely be used earlier than a noun or a pronoun. And as it’s possessive it reveals who the noun belongs to: the individual you’re addressing.

Our skilled will reply all your questions (noun) about pensions and financial savings.
Communicate to our advisors earlier than shopping for your subsequent home (noun).

“You’re” is a contraction for (or brief method of writing) you’re, and may ONLY be used for this function. The apostrophe within the center means it stands for a lacking letter.

You’re late for the assembly.
Contact me when you’re in London.

In the event you’re undecided if “your” is the proper phrase to make use of within the sentence, verify to see if there’s a noun after it. If not, then you definitely most likely want to make use of “you’re”.

In the event you’re undecided whether or not to make use of “you’re” merely ask your self if you happen to can substitute this phrase with “you’re”. If it nonetheless is sensible, use “you’re”. If not, use “your”.

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2. The Greengrocer’s Apostrophe

Apostrophes! The one everybody dreads, and it’s straightforward to see why. Contemplating what number of alternative ways apostrophes will be employed, it’s hardly stunning how usually they’re misused.

Yep, apostrophes are used incorrectly on a regular basis, in weblog posts, press releases, and even on exhibition stands. However incorrect use of apostrophes received’t simply create a foul impression of your corporation, they’ll additionally change the that means of the whole sentence.

And as efficient advertising and marketing is all about speaking your message, getting this fallacious can have severe implications on your model.

The most typical error made in enterprise is utilizing an apostrophe to make a phrase plural. Referred to as the “greengrocer’s apostrophe”, we see this embarrassing mistake on store indicators on a regular basis. If you wish to make a phrase plural, you merely add an “s” on the tip and go away it at that. No apostrophe is required.

We provide workable options = CORRECT
We provide workable answer’s = WRONG
We have to discover extra purchasers = CORRECT
We have to discover extra consumer’s = WRONG

The ONLY time an apostrophe will be added with an “s” to the tip of a noun is to point possession.

John’s laptop computer = CORRECT
Johns laptop computer = WRONG
The engineer’s contract = CORRECT
The engineers contract = WRONG

However what occurs to the apostrophe when it’s wanted to suggest possession for multiple individual? On this case, the apostrophe has to go after the “s”:

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The canines’ toys = the toys belong to MORE than one canine.
The canine’s toys = the toys belong to ONLY one canine.

It is a clear instance of how an apostrophe within the fallacious place can alter the that means of what you’re attempting to say. So, you will need to watch out with this. There’s no getting round the truth that apostrophes matter.

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three. Mixing Up It’s & Its

Whereas we’re with regards to apostrophes, let’s take a look at one other mixture that usually confuses folks: “it’s” and “its”.

“It’s” is just a contraction (shortened model) of “it’s” or “it has”, and may solely be used when these phrases can be utilized as a substitute.

It’s an important article = it’s.
It’s been a profitable 12 months for the enterprise = it has.

This isn’t too exhausting to know, however the usage of “its”, with out the apostrophe, is the place most of us appear to battle. Don’t fear. It’s quite a bit easier than you would possibly suppose.

“Its” is the possessive type of “it”. This implies it’s ONLY used to indicate that one thing belongs to the factor you’re speaking about (it).

The pc seemed as if its energy provide had failed

= the facility provide belongs to the pc.

Rome is a good looking metropolis, and its buildings are magnificent

= the buildings belong to Rome.

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four. Mixing up Their, They’re & There

Pronounced precisely the identical, you’ll be able to’t get these phrases fallacious when talking however in writing it’s a very totally different matter.

Mixing these up has given rise to numerous foolish errors in indicators, articles and every kind of promoting content material. So let’s check out the important thing guidelines in the case of utilizing “their”, “there”, and “their” so you’ll be able to keep away from falling into the traps suffered by the poor writers of those embarrassing grammar errors!

Their is the possessive type of they, which suggests it’s used to indicate possession or belonging. If one thing belongs to them, it’s their merchandise.

That’s their exhibition stand.
Their firm relies in Berlin.

They’re is a shortened model of “they’re“, and may ONLY be used instead of these two phrase.

They’re very within the venture.
They’re trying ahead to the assembly.

“There” is usually a bit extra sophisticated. In the event you’re speaking about a spot or location, then that you must use “there”. One approach to bear in mind that is that it means the alternative of right here – that means “in that place”, not right here.

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We’ll be there quickly.
He’s sitting over there.
We went there as a result of it has a pleasant seaside.

There may also be used as a pronoun to indicate that one thing exists or going to occur.

There are a number of alternatives for our enterprise.
There is a giant assembly at the moment.

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5. Misuse of the Passive Voice

Though it’s not straightforward to write down within the passive voice, for some cause it’s generally misused in advertising and marketing. Many companies will use the passive voice pondering it makes them sound extra clever. It doesn’t, it simply sounds complicated.

However what’s the passive voice and how will you keep away from it in your writing? Passive voice occurs when you could have an object as the topic of the sentence, versus the individual or factor doing the motion.

Let’s take a look at a quite simple instance . . .

The ball was kicked by the boy (passive sentence).

This sounds unnatural and peculiar, doesn’t it? On this sentence the boy is doing the motion and due to this fact ought to be the topic not the thing, so it reads . . .

The boy kicked the ball (lively sentence).

This might sound apparent, however you’d be stunned at how usually the passive voice is utilized in articles and press releases.

New automobiles shall be showcased on the motor present by BMW (passive).
BMW will showcase their new automobiles on the motor present (lively).

Irrespective of how embarrassing and cringe-worthy these errors may be, they’ll critically harm your model if you happen to fail to right these particulars in your advertising and marketing materials.

Sure, we’re solely human and even essentially the most adept of writers and grammar consultants will be liable to errors. However there are some primary actions you’ll be able to take to keep away from the potential of your corporation getting consideration for the fallacious causes.

In the event you’re answerable for writing content material for advertising and marketing campaigns then you must at the least familiarise your self with the essential guidelines of grammar. As now we have seen, putting apostrophes within the incorrect place or misusing the passive voice, can have a damaging influence in your model.

Even if you happen to’re assured about your English abilities, you will need to get another person to proofread your work. Proofreading your personal work is tough and, as you’re so near it, it may be straightforward to overlook foolish errors.

Being conscious of spelling and grammar isn’t about being a “grammar Nazi”, it’s about ensuring your corporation creates the proper impression, and your advertising and marketing messages are communicated successfully.